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Hammond B3


 “A rare breed in Australia in the Hammond B3 jazz organ field. NicoleThorne is one of the very few females in this country to have taken on this giant of instruments made famous by American players such as Jimmy Smith,Joey DeFranscesco, Dr Lonnie Smith, Rhoda Scott,Shirley Scott, and Larry Goldings.


Nicole Thorne has beautifully mastered this instrument and I for one am thrilled to finally see a jazz woman taking it on. Nicole’s original compositions showcases her talents on this underrated jazz instrument. Bring it on B3Madness long overdue!’ Helen Simons


It’s a rarity to see the B3 being played. Nicole’s style is very different to the expected and often is compared to Hammond players of the past and present. Despite comparisons, Nicole claims to have developed her sound through her own unique way of approaching the B3.

Nicole has played organ since the age of 12 then later moved to the piano.  An accomplished jazz piano player, in late 2005 she decided to go back to her roots. After many challenges along the way, she released two successful albums in the space of a few years showcasing her original compositions and talent on the B3. Primarily performing original material with her own band B3Madness, Nicole's versatility and musicianhsip allows her to play all genres in any ensemble/band.



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